Israel, put your hope in the LORD, for with the LORD is unfailing love
and with him is full redemption (Psalm 130:7)

There are always many reasons to give thanks to the Lord. His mercies and faithfulness are abounding Lam 3:22-23, despite the days of shaking, wars and rumours of wars, earthquakes, etc.

This last month, with war within Ukraine and the reaction to that amongst the nations, a rally call of unity and prayer for Ukraine has emerged. Videos of young Ukrainian people have gone ‘viral’ as they read out Psalm 31 in bunkers and basements, hiding from the threats surrounding their towns and cities. Despite the horrific scenes in Ukraine, we see that God rules and reigns and that he will always bring history and prophecy to life in the Bible (words often used by Derek Prince).  In our day, Jeremiah 16:4-16 is being played out on our TV screens as frightened Ukrainian Jews realise their hope (the title of the Israeli national anthem) is in their God and the land he gave them in his amazing promises.

As you read this update, immigration reports are being completed for Jews to flee the dangers and threats of Putin; flights and accommodation in the Land of Israel are being prepared for them. We don’t get to tell God Almighty how to fulfil his promises: “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?” (Job 38:2). We can thank God for the truth of Psalm 130:7 – we can be sure that he always will be faithful to every promise.

  • Despite the threatening behaviour of those who say they are Israel’s enemies; we can continue to pray that Israel’s government have clarity and godly wisdom as they monitor their borders and potential threats (Psalm 121:4).
  • Jewish tradition and mindset uphold the sentiment that “to save one life is to save the world entire”. Pray that continues to be uppermost in their minds, and that Israel can continue to help in other disaster areas. Pray for the safety of the Israeli field hospital on the Ukraine/Poland border, that supplies will never run dry, and for the Lord’s comfort for all who work or receive treatment there. 

This month saw the celebration of Purim, based upon the Scroll (Book) of Esther. Throughout history we see there is a spiritual root of those who stand against Israel and want to ‘drive her into the sea’. This is the spirit of Amalek illustrated within the pages of the Bible and seen over centuries. Through scripture, the Amalekites have come to represent the enemies of the Jews – that too is part of Jewish mindset and traditions, seen as a symbol of evil. We see this in the story of Saul and Samuel (1 Samuel 15) and realise that complete obedience to God and his commands were essential for Israel’s safety, but it wasn’t always achieved.

The King of the day was Agog, and before his death his lineage was continued through a child, the descendant of whom was Haman the Agagite, some 500 years later. In the Book of Esther, we see his plan for a decree to wipe out the whole of the Jewish population. Through Mordechai and Esther, God provided a way for the Jews to defend themselves and be saved.

  • Let’s pray believers everywhere listen to all that the Lord says and obey it fully, so we have and know his complete blessing and protection. Lining up to Genesis 12:3 is essential. Pray you and your generation can do this.
  • Pray too for Israel’s government to be challenged and guided to read and obey the scriptures to be a Light to the world.
  • Pray that as many Ukrainian Jewish people as possible can be rescued and resettled in Israel. Pray each elderly Ukrainian Holocaust survivor is invisible to the schemes of the enemy, knows God’s protection and tangible comfort (Isaiah 40:1). Pray the world sees God’s faithfulness to his people.
  • Pray that Poland’s Jewish community senses the Lord calling them home too.
  • Pray for CFI Jerusalem’s Project Operation L’Chaim as it serves the Jews from Ukraine who make Aliyah to Israel. Click here for more detail.

Bless each of you for your prayers.

Julia Soakell

March 2022