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12 panel (6 double-sided) foldout glossy Pamphlet

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How We Got the Bible

Product code: BT132

How We Got the Bible covers the 10 key facts everyone should know about the Bible.


  • From God`s command to Moses to write on tablets
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls confirm the reliability of the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures)
  • The earliest hand-made copies of the Bible
  • Jerome`s translation into Latin: The Vulgate
    The Masoretes, Jewish scribes and their system to ensure accuracy
  • Who wrote the Bible
  • When was it written
  • Where was it written
  • How can we know it is reliable
  • Covers the main events in the history of the Bible: 1500 BC to AD 1455 - from Moses to Gutenberg`s printing press