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Israel: A Twice-Promised Land (CD)

CFI-UK 25th Anniversary Annual Conference 2010

Author: Roy Thurley

Product code: CD608

Speaking at CFI-UK's 2010 Annual Celebration, former director Roy Thurley gives a presentation on the legal status of Israel pertaining to today and her right under international law, to all the land originally ceded to her in the Balfour Declaration.

In April 1920, the newly-formed League of Nations met in San Remo, Italy to decide the future of the Middle East in the aftermath of World War I. From this gathering flowed various international legal agreements, including those out of which eventually emerged the reborn nation state of Israel.

Exactly 90 years later, and in the same venue, the European Coalition for Israel held a commemorative conference. This production was created from the material presented at that gathering.

About the Author

Roy Thurley

Roy Thurley was Director of Christian Friends of Israel (UK) from 2000-2007 and is now the Area Representative for North Wales. He served previously as a member of the Board of CFI Charitable Trust.