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Israel and the Great Commission

Author: Samuel Whitefield

Product code: B516

For the first time in history, the church is facing two unprecedented challenges:

- Reaching every people group with the gospel; and
- Addressing a global controversy over Israel and its future.

Most Christians read the Old Testament as a story about Israel and the New Testament as a radical shift from Israel’s story to the story of the nations. However, Israel and the nations are deeply connected in both the Old and New Testament.
The Great Commission is not a dramatic shift in God’s plan, nor is it a new idea. It is the means of fulfilling God’s promises to Israel and the nations. The New Testament is neither the beginning of God’s purposes for the nations nor the end of Israel’s story.

In Israel and the Great Commission, discover:-

How the Old Testament lays the foundation for the Great Commission
How Israel and the Great Commission are deeply connected
How Israel’s story continues in the New Testament
How Paul understood God’s plan to save Israel and the nations through the Great Commission
How God’s promise to Ishmael relates to Israel and the Great Commission
How the Great Commission will be finished

When we understand the overarching context of the Old Testament and Israel’s story, we find God has a single redemptive plan for Israel and the nations. It is found in both testaments and ultimately fulfilled through the Great Commission.

About the Author

Samuel Whitefield

Samuel Whitetfield is a preacher, teacher, and writer. He serves on the senior leadership team of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City and as a faculty member of the International House of Prayer University. He is the director of OneKing, a ministry that helps connect the global church to God’s plan for Israel and the nations. Samuel and his family share a passion to declare the beauty of Jesus until He is loved and adored on earth as He is in heaven.