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224 Pages, Softback

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Israel, God`s Servant

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Authors: David W. Torrance, George Taylor

Product code: B369

God`s Key to the Redemption of the World

This book is grounded in careful reflection on Scripture, theological sensitivity, an informed awareness of history and current affairs as well and a Christian love for Israel.

Historically anti-Semitism has been ingrained in much Christian theology and practice. Is this the result of NT teaching or an alien intrusion into Christianity? What is a Christian attitude towards the Jewish people and towards the State of Israel? What is currently going on in the Middle East and does Israel still play a role in God`s purposes for the redemption of the world? This book seeks to set out a biblical and theological case for the ongoing importance of the Jewish people in God s plans for creation and to explain something of the complex and controversial situation in the modern day Israeli state.

About the Authors

David W. Torrance

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George Taylor

George Taylor is a pseudonym. The author works at a college in Europe.