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Foreword by Lance Lambert

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Israel Land of God’s Promise

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Author: Murray Dixon

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Israel is the most misunderstood nation on the planet. The Jewish people are the most consistently persecuted in all of history - ancient and modern - why?

Jesus is Jewish and so are the roots of the Christian faith - why is that significant?  No nation, ever, has been regathered from worldwide dispersion to its ancient homeland, and speaking its ancient language - except Israel. And that, only, after man’s most hideous crime, to attempt to exterminate them.

Can the church afford to pursue its historically notorious treatment of the Jew and the nation of Israel?  This book offers clarity where confusion abounds.

Note: First edition published 1988.  This is the latest (2014) edition.

About the Author

Murray Dixon

Following ordination in the New Zealand Anglican Church he ministered as a parish pastor and then as an air force chaplain before pioneering Prayer for Israel in New Zealand with his wife Rosemary. He also served as the Rector of Christ Church, Jerusalem.

For 20 years they led prayer tours to Israel and an itinerant teaching ministry to the Body of Messiah.