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Jerusalem: City of Destiny... and Controversy (MP3)

Messages from the CFI-UK Annual Conference 2012

Authors: Rick Ridings, Yanky Fachler

Product code: MPS122

Recorded at CFI's 2012 Annual Conference, Rick Ridings clearly states the place of Jerusalem on God's heart and in His end-times purposes, along with the challenge to Christians to be prayerfully involved in all that God is doing in the Middle East today.

Complementing this is a seminar by Yanky Fachler who presents the stories of four Christians and their importance in Jerusalem’s more recent history as well as the establishment of the State of Israel.

  • Jerusalem: The End-Times Focus of God, Satan and the Nations (78 minutes)
  • The Looming War and the Coming Harvest (66 minutes)
  • Praying For the Sake of the Heart of God (65 minutes)
  • God’s Little Errand Boys (67 minutes)

About the Authors

Rick Ridings

The Lord brought Rick & Patti Ridings to Jerusalem in 1999 to birth Succat Hallel (Hebrew for Tabernacle of Praise). It began in their living room and grew into watches in various locations and is now situated in a beautiful facility overlooking Mount Zion and the Old City of Jerusalem.

It has become a dynamic community of worshippers and intercessors from five continents drawn together to stand as watchmen on the walls to minister first unto the Lord, to pray day and night 24/7 for the peace of Jerusalem, and intercede for Israel and the nations.

Yanky Fachler

Born and educated in the UK, and lived in Israel for almost 30 years before moving to the Republic of Ireland where he is a motivational speaker, ghost-writer and Zionist historian.

Yanky specialises in writing and speaking about oft-neglected Christian heroes who helped the Jewish people come home and establish the modern State.