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14 panel (7 double-sided) foldout glossy Pamphlet

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Jerusalem Time Line

Key Events from Bible Times to Modern Israel

Author: Rose Publishing

Product code: BT110

Jerusalem is the most important city on earth: "the City of Our God" (Psalm 48) and has been - and still is - a focal point for Jews and Christians. This graphic time line covers over 3,000 years of history, from King David to the modern state of Israel.

"The view of Jerusalem is the history of the world; it is more, it is the history of earth and of heaven." 
Benjamin Disraeli
Bolster your Jerusalem IQ and gain a deeper understanding of this historically–rich, politically–charged, and spiritually–significant city. 
This handy pamphlet chronicles over 145 events and 70 historical figures, including Bible prophets, such as Jeremiah; military generals, such as Alexander the Great; and modern political leaders, from Arab and Israeli nations. 
Knowing these events and keeping them in chronological order can seem overwhelming, so this condenses the information found in hundreds of study books into 14 pages.
  • Enhance your understanding of Biblical events and stories by placing them into Jerusalem’s broader history. 
  • Bolster your ability to understand the current tensions within Israel. 
  • Advance your ability to connect Jerusalem’s history within the wider scope of world history. 
  • Increase your understanding of Jesus by bolstering your cultural and historical background knowledge of his people. 
14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long.
  • A map of Jerusalem
  • A diagram of Herod’s Temple
  • 9 population maps displaying Jerusalem’s growing population throughout its history
  • A colour-coding system, making it easy for you to determine who held power during each stage of Jerusalem’s history. Possible ruling powers: Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or Other.
  • A brief overview of Jerusalem before King David.
  • Photographs, art, and illustrations depicting Jerusalem’s key events and leaders.
Find out answers to questions, such as—
  • Did the Black Plague ever affect Jerusalem?
  • Why does the Dome of the Rock look gold?
  • How many times was Jerusalem conquered and re-conquered? And by whom?
  • When was Jerusalem first mentioned in the Bible?
  • Why was the first archaeological excavation in Jerusalem done secretively at night?
  • When did Muslims gain control over the Temple Mount?

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About the Author

Rose Publishing

Rose Publishing is a Christian publisher with a mission to help people grow in their faith by creating products that help people understand the Bible and give Christian solutions to life`s problems. Rose Publishing started with two "Then and Now" Bible Maps in 1991 and a dream to make Bible teachings and basic Christian beliefs understandable to everyone. They expanded their line to Christian living topics that help people find the joy of growing through the good news of Jesus Christ. Rose Publishing creates full-color products (award-winning books, wall charts, pamphlets, DVD-based curriculum, and PowerPoints). They are designed for personal, church, small group, and school use, and are packed with easy-to-understand diagrams, illustrations, maps, photos, charts, and time lines to bring Christian teachings to life.