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Jewishness of Jesus, The

Author: Derek White

Product code: BT13

Jesus was born a Jew into a particular land and culture. If we truly want to sit at His feet, we must recognise the vital contribution made to the framework and style of His teaching by the religious Jewish world of His day.

While most Christians will admit to the fact that Jesus was born Jewish, too many have created in their own minds a Gentile Jesus, and in so doing have distorted his teaching and at the same time made him foreign to his own Jewish people today.

It is in fact impossible to appreciate the impact of His teaching on His contemporaries unless we realise that he was speaking to them in terms they understood but which we fail to appreciate because of the distance in time and context.

This study opens up the subject of the Jewishness of Jesus and will hopefully stimulate further reading.


About the Author

Derek White

Worked as a chemist/analyst in the chemical industry for 25 years before entering pastoral ministry in a local church in Surrey. After being the UK director of the International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem from 1981 to 1985 he went on to help found Christian Friends of Israel in December 1985, and he served as the Director of CFI-UK until the end of May 2001. He visited Israel over 50 times in connection with the work of CFI, and since his retirement continues to visit the Land on a regular basis to meet with and encourage Believers in Yeshua/Jesus across all sections of Israel`s population. He is a prolific writer on issues relating to Israel and the Hebraic roots of Christianity.