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Jews of Medieval England, The

Author: John Smith

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The history of the Jews from 1066 to their expulsion in 1290 reveals a shameful episode in the Church and nation which left a deep scar on Jewish history. This examines the tragedy and the extent it has left a mark upon our attitudes to the Jewish people.

For out of the medieval demonisation of the Jews of England came a host of hideous caricatures which have stayed with us down the centuries. Naturally, many English Christians would abhor such ideas, however, we would be foolish to deny that somewhere in our subconscious we have inherited disdain for the Jewish people. In its milder form, it is barely recognisable, except, perhaps, when the subject of the state of Israel comes up in conversation. In its stronger manifestation, however, it bares itself as an openly aggressive form of anti-Semitism.

About the Author

John Smith

John Smith served previously as Director of the Centre for Biblical and Hebraic Studies, before which he spent six years working with Christian Friends of Israel UK.

He holds a BA Degree in Hebrew and Jewish History from the University of London (1993). He has a passion for Hebrew and believes that Hebrew is for the benefit and enjoyment of all Christians.