Christians and Jews - blood brothers or separated brethren? Israel - political accident or covenant people? And where does the Church fit in?

These and other questions are explored in the Course`s 10 main teaching sessions (approx. 50 minutes each) showing the connection between Judaism and Christianity, Israel and the Church.

Additionally, each programme includes a 10-15 minute study on important Hebrew words: Kesher, Yeshua, Mashiach, Torah, YHVH, Halleluyah, Chesed, Kadosh, Shalom, Amen. These are designed to enrich our understanding of the Bible.

This popular course has recently been completely revised and updated. It comes as a boxed set of 5 DVD`s (in PAL format: running time 524 minutes), complete with Leader`s Guide and one copy of the Student Guide.

Recommended for personal study, or for churches and home/cell groups as a study course to cover in a school term.

Subjects covered in the main sessions:

  1. The Jewishness of Jesus
  2. Jesus the Rabbi
  3. Jesus the Messiah
  4. The Jewishness of the Scriptures
  5. Salvation is from the Jews
  6. The Great Divide
  7. Anti-Semitism
  8. Physical Restoration and Rebirth of Israel
  9. Israel: Prophecy Fulfilled
  10. Israel Today and Tomorrow

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