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Land of the Bible Calendar (2017-2018)

Author: Rahel Roni Alon

Product code: C38

The Beauty of the Land of Israel

16 Month Hebrew Heritage Calendar, featuring 15 stunning and unique photographs, each taken by Rahel Roni Alon.

  • All dates in both Jewish/Lunar and Greogrian/Solar calendar systems, in English and Hebrew.
  • All major Biblical/Jewish/Israeli and UK Holidays
  • Lighting Times for London and Manchester
  • References for all weekly scripture portions (Torah and Haftarah)

Extra Images

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About the Author

Rahel Roni Alon

Rahel made aliyah in 2000 from South Africa. She enjoys extensive hiking and has been able to use her photographs since 2005 for her `Land of the Bible` calendars.