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PAL, 77 minutes

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Lest We Forget (DVD)

Authors: Johannes Facius, Christopher Mc Dermott

Product code: D1

"The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again." This highly acclaimed documentary portrays current terror in Israel against the backdrop of the Holocaust and shows how modern Arab propaganda is uncannily like that of the Nazis.

This production has arisen from a deep concern over the rise of anti-Semitism in recent years, not only in Europe, but in many of the Arab/Muslim nations; when only a generation has passed since the worst crime in human history was committed during the Holocaust of World War II.

In particular there is an increasing fervour by those who seek to either deny or minimise the reality of the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis. There is also a concerted campaign in many Arab countries, both through their state-run media and their education systems to de-humanise the Jewish people as well as de-legitimise the State of Israel.

In many respects the lies being propagated are alarmingly similar to those spread in pre war Germany with all their horrific consequences for the Jewish people in Europe. The makers of this DVD believe there is a clear and present danger to Jewish people around the world today, including those in Israel.

This documentary`s purpose is to re-affirm the horrors of the Holocaust, and alert the viewer to the possibility that history could be repeated, unless action is taken.

About the Authors

Johannes Facius

Born in Copenhagen, in 1973 he founded Intercessors for Denmark which later became part of The International Fellowship of Intercessors (IFI). In 1985 Johannes became the international director of IFI and led this global prayer movement until the end of 1999.

After the death of Gustav Scheller, the founder and leader of Ebenezer Emergency Fund (EEF), Johannes stepped into the leadership of EEF to help facilitate the difficult period of transition. After 2 years of serving EEF, Johannes felt the Lord directing him to resume his original calling to Prophetic Bible teaching and Prayer ministry to Israel - the Body of Christ and to the nations.

Christopher Mc Dermott

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