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CFI Ministries

CFI Jerusalem

The main office of CFI which comforts and supports the people of Israel through a variety of aid projects, and informs Christians around the world of God’s plans for the Jewish nation.

Chrétiens Amis d’Israël

The French branch of Christian Friends of Israel

Christliche Freunde Israels e. V. (CFRI)

The German branch of Christian Friends of Israel


The North American branch, located on the East coast of the USA – Charlotte, North Carolina.

CFI Canada

The Canadian branch, located in Newton, Surrey, British Columbia

Other Ministries

Centre for Judaic-Christian Studies

Balanced, Biblically-based and Christ- centred materials from an Hebraic point of view.

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

Dedicated to sustained, fervent, and informed global intercession for the plans and purposes of G-d for Jerusalem and all her people which organises on the first Sunday of every October believers from 175 participating nations to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Hatikvah Film Trust

A Christian ministry which aims to promote the advancement and understanding of the Christian faith and of Biblical prophecy through the production of documentary films, television and audio-visual programmes.

Hebraic Christian Global Community

Respected US based Hebraic Roots teacher John Garr’s ministry which seeks to restore the Hebraic foundations of the Christian faith to all believers.

Hebrew for Christians

A resource to the Church regarding its rich Hebraic heritage by promoting Jewish literacy among all those who claim Jesus Christ as their Lord.

Jerusalem Perspective

A unique, Jerusalem-based work dedicated to better understanding the words and deeds of Jesus of Nazareth. It aims to present the life and teaching of Jesus in their original cultural and linguistic settings.

Lance Lambert Ministries

Lance Lambert was one of the most distinguished Bible scholars and speakers in Israel in recent decades and had an itinerant teaching ministry worldwide.

Tree of Life Bible Studies

Series of Bible Studies, mainly from a Hebraic Perspective

Xplorations Ministries

A Bible Teaching Ministry modelled on the risen Lord’s instruction of his disciples on the Emmaus Road. Run by Desi Maxwell and his wife Heather, a gifted teacher with his own unique presentation and introduction to Jesus in his Jewish world.

News Outlets

Arutz Sheva

An Israeli broadcasting network with a right-of-centre viewpoint.

Honest Reporting

A fast-action website that monitors Mideast media bias and to try and ensure that Israel receives fair worldwide press coverage.

Israel Today

Latest news from israel, which aims to provide a truthful and balanced perspective on Israel.

Palestinian Media Watch

An Israeli research institute whose focus is on the messages that the Palestinian leaders, from the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Hamas, send to Palestinian society through the broad range of institutions and infrastructures they control.

The Media Line

The Media Line aims to promote accuracy and balance among regional journalists through the Mideast Press Club and its reporting of the Middle East Issues.

Other Organisations

The Anglo-Israel Association

The Anglo-Israel Association (AIA) was founded in 1949 by Brigadier General Sir Wyndham Deedes, a year after the establishment of the State of Israel. Sir Wyndham, a deeply religious Christian, had briefly been the Chief Secretary to the British Mandatory Government in Palestine. AIA today is an independent charity that enjoys the active support of people from different faiths across the entire political spectrum. AIA aims to support educational programmes enabling the people of both countries to deepen their understanding of each other; to promote a wider understanding of Israel in the UK; and foster goodwill between the two countries.

Irish For Israel

Irish4Israel is a new collaborative effort by Irish people who are fed up with the Irish media’s endless and senseless demonisation of the only democracy in the Middle East.

National Jewish Assembly

The National Jewish Assembly is unique in the UK, as there is no other congressional Jewish body where anyone who is Jewish and who adheres to three pillars of interest can join, upon paying a membership subscription. It provides our members with a great opportunity to have their voices heard through debate at our meetings and through proposing motions to make policy, with the eventual aim of influencing our country’s decision- makers.