Israeli parliament approves easier access to abortion & more

Israeli parliament approves easier access to abortion; well known bible teacher David Silver looks at the impact of collapsed government on Israel and French Jews fear for their safety.

 Coalition government calls for early elections and more

Coalition government calls for early elections; a unique event is to be held on 6th July to mark the centenary of the British Mandate and Iran building underground tunnels for nuclear enrichment facility.

 Israel warns Israelis to leave Turkey and more

Israel warns Israelis to leave Turkey in fear of attacks from Iran; Christians, Jews and Arabs work together to save lives and ancient cloth with bible`s purple dye discovered in Southern Israel.

 Israel`s right wing opposes early election bill & more

Israel`s right wing opposition opposes a bill to try and force the coalition government to go for early elections; Israel`s national disaster service involved in campaign to help Armenia and British Consulate marks the Queen`s Platinum Jubilee.

 Jews and Christians prepare to celebrate Pentecost and more

Jews and Christians prepare to celebrate the holiday of Pentecost on the same day this year; tourism to Israel picks up as restrictions are lifted and the Taliban are forcing women to be invisible in Afghanistan.

 Israel`s government on shaky ground last weekend and more

Israel`s coalition government was on shaky ground last weekend; conflict over the Temple Mount continues and tens of thousands marched in New York last week in a major show of solidarity for Israel.

 Tourists to Israel soon no longer need Covid test & more

From the weekend tourists will no longer have to test for Covid when entering Israel; God`s hand is evident in the provision Ukrainians are receiving through other people and Iran is considering gas exports to Europe amid soaring energy prices.

 Status of Temple Mount in forefront of Israeli news and more

The status of the ancient Temple Mount is in the forefront of Israeli news; journalist speaks of his moving visit to Moldova and expect a domino effect in the region if Iran obtains nuclear weapons.

 Israel opens new hiking trail and more

Israel opens new hiking trail; Hopes for special service of repentance to build on Jewish Christian relations and Israel lifts restrictions on indoor mask wearing.

 Israel marks Holocaust Memorial Day and more

Israel marks Holocaust Memorial Day; A call for Christian repentance about historic antisemitism will take place in Oxford and number of Ukrainian refugees tops five million as conflict rages.