Israelis prepare to celebrate Passover alone and more

Israelis prepare to celebrate Passover alone, Art therapy helps kids traumatised by the war in Syria and Israelis authorities deliver 200 coronavirus testing kits to the Palestinian Authority.

 Israel`s chief rabbis call for a day of prayer & fasting.

Israel`s chief rabbis call for a day of prayer & fasting for the corona virus epidemic, unemployment in Israel soars to over 18% due to the pandemic and global evangelism movement is calling on every church to pray, care and share this week.

 Israel uses surveillance to track infected people; and more

This week: Israeli Government uses surveillance to track down people infected or in contact with those with the corona virus, Christian charity provides hope for the Yezidi community in Northern Iraq and Israel sends aid to corona-ravaged Italy.

 Tourism to Israel under threat by the coronavirus and more

Tourism to Israel under threat by the coronavirus, Bible teacher David Silver`s travel plans could be cancelled due to the virus and Israeli researchers work on solution to global scourge of the corona virus.

 Netanyahu wins victory in national elections and more

Netanyahu wins victory in national elections, David Silver urges Christians to pray that Netanyahu can form a government and Israeli researchers claim they’ve developed Coronavirus vaccine

 Upcoming Israeli elections and more

Upcoming Israeli elections could end in deadlock, Growing support from Arab countries towards Trumps peace plan and thousands of Israeli Arabs reject US peace plan.

 Latest Israeli innovations are changing the world and more

New food laws affects product labelling and Kosher restaurants, Well know Prayer leader gives his reaction to the recent Peace Plan and The latest Israeli innovations are changing the world!

 Israel introduces new battlefield vehicle and more

Israel introduces new battlefield vehicle, New media centre helps combat anti Semitism and Israel`s innovation helps saves lives.

 Museum acts as bridge between Christians & Jews and more

With the run up to the next round of the national elections a Israeli woman release from prison in Russia is the main focus of the news, Museum acts as bridge between Christians & Jews and Peace plan triggers new tension on Israel`s southern border.

 President`s Trump peace plan for Israel & more

Israeli Prime Minister accepts President`s Trump peace plan, For the first time the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge attended this year`s official Holocaust ceremony in London and the Dutch Prime Minister apologises for Hollands part in the Holocaust.