Israeli army continues with offensive into Gaza strip & more

Israeli army continues with their offensive into the Gaza strip; Reverend Franklin Graham says there is a great spiritual need in Israel and Ben Gurion University gets one hundred million to rebuild the Negev region.

 Israel and Hamas extend ceasefire and more

Israel and Hamas extend ceasefire for more hostages to be released; an 85 year old Holocaust survivor says 7th October massacre was worse than the Holocaust and hostages report lack of food during captivity.

 Hostage release deal has been arranged with Hamas and more

Hostage release deal has been arranged with Hamas; Israel`s war cabinet approves 4 day ceasefire and release of 50 hostages and doctors from the nations come to Israel to help in the war.

 Israeli army dismantling main command centre in Gaza & more

Israeli army begins dismantling main command centre in Gaza; thousands of people are displaced by the war in Israel and Archaeologists are involved in recovery efforts from 7th October massacre.

 Israeli army encircles Gaza City and more

Israeli army encircles Gaza City; President of the Christian Allies Caucus takes delegates to Southern Israel and global call to governments to provide security for Jewish people.

 The Israeli army continues ground invasion of Gaza and more

The Israeli army continues its ground invasion of Gaza; Christians & Jews work together to evacuate thousands of families from Southern Israel and the new speaker of the US House of Representatives pledges more aid to Israel.

 Israeli army awaiting gov`t order for ground invasion & more

The Israeli army waiting for the government to give order for ground invasion; Christians & Jewish charities put their hands to the wheel in the war effort and latest film about biblical evidence for Mount Sinai is released.

 Israel prepares for action inside Gaza and more

Israel prepares for action inside Gaza; Israel needs a supernatural intervention from God and Israelis pull together in the crisis.

 Israel begins massive preparations against Hamas and more

Israel begins massive preparations against Hamas; Israel`s national emergency services depots 1300 ambulances around the country and Israel`s Ambassador says they will fight this war against Hamas.

 Week long celebrations held in Israel and more

Week long celebrations held in Israel; record number of Fijian Christians join Feast of Tabernacles and the Biden administration hampering negotiations between Israel and the Saudis.