A major oil spill hits the shores of Israel and more

A major oil spill hits the shores of Israel; for the first time, a call to pray for the salvation of the Jewish people worldwide has just taken place and Equatorial Guinea plans to move its Embassy to Jerusalem.

 Israelis protest gov`t restrictions during pandemic and more

Israelis protest against government restrictions during pandemic, growing numbers of Jews & Gentile believers come together in the Ukraine which has the largest population of Jews in the world and Israeli soldier finds 1800 year old coin.

 Mr Netanyahu pleads not guilty to corruption charges & more

Mr Netanyahu pleads not guilty to corruption charges, a growing movement of Christians & Jews wanting to learn from each other and US Senate votes to keep the Embassy in Jerusalem.

 Israel in lockdown fatigue as it faces new elections & more

Israel is in lockdown fatigue as it faces new elections, new book helps bring Jews & Christians to a new level and Israel is in arms race between vaccination and mutation.

 Small factions of religious Jews protest lockdowns and more

Small factions of religious Jews protest against government lockdowns, first digital ceremony takes place to mark the Holocaust and ancient inscription discovered in Northern Israel.

 National lockdown continues in Israel and more

unique training programme continues to reach Israeli youth and Iran challenges Mr. Biden over its nuclear programme.

 Israel marks passing of prominent businessman & more

Israel marks the passing of a prominent Jewish-American businessman, CFI in Jerusalem celebrates 35 years of ministry and Mr. Netanyuhu promises to vaccinate the entire population against the coronavirus by the end of March.

 Kent Allen looks back over main stories in Israel and more

Kent Allen looks back over the main stories in Israel in 2020, Fourth elections in Israel could destabilise the region and Iran breaches international obligations by going ahead with its uranium programme.

 President draws attention to Jesus` baptism site & more

The President of Israel draws attention to the site of the baptism of Jesus this Christmas, We look at the plight of Christians in Nigeria and China and for the first time in 800 years the Star of Bethlehem will be seen in the night sky.

 Israeli health system gears up for new covid vaccine & more

Israeli health system gears up for new corona virus vaccine, remembering the needs of the persecuted church this Christmas and pandemic affects the Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem.