Major fighting between Israel & Hamas in Gaza and more

A major round of fighting has broken out between Israel and Hamas in Gaza; Jerusalem Day fuelled clashes between Arabs & Jews and Second Temple `Lucky` lamp found on Jerusalem Pilgrimage road.

 Israel held day of mourning following major tragedy and more

Israel held day of mourning following major tragedy; Coptic Christian man executed by Islamist terrorists in Egypt and Iran still seeks mass destruction weapons.

 A power vacuum within the Israeli government and more

A power vacuum within the Israeli government; Palestinian Authority fueling unrest; A new book describes what it was like for a Jewish family who were deported to Mauritius during British Mandate; Israel launches global tourism campaign.

 Muslims observe the month of Ramadan and more

Muslims observe the month of Ramadan; Elderly Jewish man has written a book about his experiences during the British Mandate and Israel is the 12th happiest country in the world.

 Israel celebrates its 73rd year of independence and more

Israel celebrates its 73rd year of independence; Many tourists attractions have been affected by the pandemic including the Garden Tomb which saw many of its team go; Thousands attended traditional Passover priestly blessing at the Western Wall.

 Mr Netanyahu asked to form a new coalition government & more

Mr Netanyahu has been asked to form a new coalition government; the Garden Tomb remains a very special place despite the pandemic and the US and Iran began negotiations to restore the nuclear deal.

 Israeli national elections reach a stalemate and more

Israeli national elections reach a stalemate, families were able to come together for Passover this year and life saving nose spray begins production in Israel.

 Mr Netanyahu wins national elections and more

Mr Netanyahu wins national elections, as Israel comes out of the lockdown things remain difficult for Bethlehem and political thriller predicts major war in the Middle East.

 Israel holds 4th round of elections next week and more

Israel holds 4th round of national elections next week; one of their largest conservation projects in Israel continues despite the pandemic and UAE establishes $10 billion Israel investment fund.

 Int`l Criminal Court investigation against Israel & more

The International Criminal Court begins investigation against Israel on war crimes, religious minorities under threat in Syria and French police prevent stabbing attack in France.