Pandemic affects maths proficiency in Israeli schools & more

Mathematics proficiency in Israeli schools affected by the pandemic, despite restrictions Eurovision continues with its work in E. Europe and the UK and US Secretary of State says options are still on the table to stop Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

 Israel`s forces commemorate occupation of S. Lebanon & more

Israel`s armed forces commemorate its occupation of Southern Lebanon, Turkey continues to be a growing threat in the region and a unique National Training Leadership programme impacts the lives of Israel`s young people.

 Both Israel & PLO mark Palestinian negotiator`s death & more

The death of chief Palestian negotiator is marked by both Israel and the PLO, the cloud continues over last week`s US Presidential elections and nails used to crucify Jesus may have been uncovered.

 New excavations display history of Jerusalem and more

New excavations display history of Jerusalem, Christchurch Heritage Centre continues to preserve early Christian history and Dominican Republic considering moving Embassy to Jerusalem.

 Aftermath of 2nd lockdown focuses on Ultra Orthodox and more

The aftermath of the second national lockdown focuses on Ultra Orthodox, extremists groups loyal toTurkey target religious minorities in Syria and Ancient shekels discovered near Western Wall.

 Jerusalem experiences unusual rainfall, and more

Jerusalem experiences unusual rainfall, Ministry builds bridges between Israel and its Arab neighbours and UAE sends first ever peace delegation to Israel.

 President of Israel makes final speech to nation and more

The President of Israel makes final speech to the nation, Hundreds of children give chance of new life through heart surgery and Over 2,000 Ethiopians Jews airlifted to Israel.

 Armenia & Azerbaijan war could affect Israel`s oil and more

Fighting between Armenia & Azerbaijan could affect Israel`s oil supply, Israel`s liberal left puts pressure on Netanyahu to resign and Bethlehem`s economy badly hit by pandemic.

 Scientists produce fruit from ancient date palm and more

Scientists produce fruit from oldest date palm in the world, Israel in total lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic and Iran, Turkey and PLO speak against peace deal.

 Israeli govt may raise restrictions to curb Covid 19 & more

Israeli government could impose more restrictions to curb coronavirus, Faith base diplomacy makes difference in the region and President of Israel welcomes peace deal between Israel and UAE.