Israel condemns the Int`l Criminal Court charges and more

Israel condemns the International Criminal Court charges against Israel; Could the death of the Iranian Prime Minister lead to a regime change and Christians from the nations come together for the Jerusalem National Prayer Breakfast.

 Israel marks Independence Day as war continues & more

Israel marks Independence Day as the war with Hamas continues; evangelist believes there is a window of opportunity for the gospel in Central Asia and an eighty eight year old woman remembers the first Independence day.

 Further pressure on Hamas to free hostages and more

Israel puts further pressure on Hamas to free hostages; Israel advances into Rafah and a recent poll reveals Israeli Arabs identity with Israel`s war with Hamas.

 Further hostage negotiations are stalled and more

Further hostage negotiations are stalled; Coptic Christians under attack in Egypt and Gazans recruited by Israel to find hostages.

 Anti-Israel protests intensify in US campuses and more

Anti-Israel protests intensify in US campuses; Israel strikes targets in Iran and the families of hostages taken on 7th October cry out for their freedom.

 Israel vows to respond to Iranian missile attack and more

Israel vows to respond to Iranian missile attack; Israeli journalist gives account of missile attack and Arab nations successfully aid Israel against Iranian attack.

 Israel marks six months of fighting in Gaza and more

Israel marks six months of fighting in Gaza; the United States continues to pressure Israel towards a ceasefire and over ninety young people’s lives are changed by worship event.

 Unsettled conditions approaching Passover & more

Israel faces unsettled conditions as it approaches Passover; not all Jews living in the Ukraine are making Aliyah and Erdogan seeks to restore relations with Israel after election defeat.

 UN calls for ceasefire and release of hostages and more

The United Nations calls for a ceasefire and release of hostages; visitors to The Garden Tomb are down this year and Israeli Aid to Gaza is being hampered by Hamas.

 Jerusalem & Washington end row over war in Gaza and more ...

Jerusalem and Washington end row over war in Gaza, looking at the impact the ongoing war is having on Ukraine, and archaeologists uncover extensive underground network dating 2,000 years.