Israeli govt may raise restrictions to curb Covid 19 & more

Israeli government could impose more restrictions to curb coronavirus, Faith base diplomacy makes difference in the region and President of Israel welcomes peace deal between Israel and UAE.

 Israel & United Arab Emirates sign peace accord and more

A formal peace accord has been signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, New book looks at Israel from biblical view and Trump expects 5 more Arab countries to make peace with Israel.

 Israel attempts to slow rate of coronavirus infection & more

Israel attempts to slow rate of coronavirus infection, Notable journalist believes peace deal with Israel & United Arab Emirates is one of the most important events in region & The Islamic Trust covers up ancient stones discovered on the Temple Mount

 Historic flight between Israel & United Arab Emirates & more

An historic direct flight between Israel and the United Arab Emirates takes place, Well known bible teacher believes in the short term the peace deal looks good for both Israel and the UAE and IDF on high alert amid fears of Hezbollah attack.

 Coalition crisis pushed back and more

Israel`s coalition government pushes back a coalition crisis for another 4 months, CBN`s Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell celebrates 20 years reporting from the Holy Land & Israeli air force planes fly over the Dachau death camp for the first time ever.

 The United Arab Emirates & Israel sign peace treaty and more

The United Arab Emirates becomes third country to sign peace treaty with Israel, Terrorists threats towards Christians & religious groups on increase in Syria & elsewhere & Turkey grants Citizenship to Hamas terrorists plotting attacks from Istanbul.

 Most summer festivals cancelled due to corona virus and more

Most summer festivals have been cancelled due to the corona virus in Israel, Hundreds of Jewish immigrants are relieved to be in Israel despite the coronavirus and Antisemitism is on the rise in the UK.

 The corona virus brings instability to the country and more

The corona virus brings instability to the country and the government coalition, Evacuation flights bring 200 Jewish immigrants to Israel and Israel`s economy could take up to 5 years to recover.

 Archaeologists discover ancient royal storehouse and more

Archaeologists discover ancient royal storehouse in Jerusalem, Emergency hotline provides support for Israelis struggling during the pandemic and Fast Track coronavirus testing to open at Ben Gurion airport.

 Israel faces summer of unrest and more

Israel faces a summer of unrest, Turkey`s president turns historic church into a mosque and Jerusalem`s Hebrew university fights coronavirus