Memorial held at Olympic games and more

A memorial is held at Olympic games for athletes killed during Munich Olympics nearly 50 years ago; Israeli rescue organisation works tirelessly to save lives both in Israel and overseas and growing numbers of French immigrants arrive in Israel.

 Ancient site of worship is main focus of news & more

Jerusalem`s ancient site of worship is the main focus of the news; Vision for Israel purchases over 100 mobile bomb shelters in preparation for another war and Social Media site TikTok shows increase in anti Semitism.

 New government continues to weather coalition crisis & more

The new government continues to weather the coalition crisis; Vision for Israel comes to aid of families injured in recent conflict and Archeologists discover significant building near Western Wall.

 A new President takes up office in Israel and more

A new President takes up office in Israel; A unique project to handwrite the entire bible goes on display at Ukraine`s National Day of Prayer and First ever all female tank crew deployed on Egyptian border.

 Israel comes to aid of collapsed building in Florida & more

Israel comes to aid of collapsed residential building in Florida; First unlimited national event held in the Ukraine since lockdown and as Israel faces an increase in coronavirus cases it delays entry of vaccinated tourists until August.

 New outbreak of coronavirus causing concern in Israel & more

A new outbreak of the coronavirus is causing concern in Israel; a surge of Anti Semitism brings increase of new immigrants to the country and major earthquake rocks the Dead Sea.

 Israel has a new Prime Minister and more

Israel has a new Prime Minister; Looking at some of the changes the new coalition will bring and Global prayer event takes place in Jerusalem this year.

 Changes ahead for Israel politically and more

Changes ahead for Israel politically; weekly podcast captures the life and people of the Holy Land and looking at what`s ahead for the new Israeli government.

 Israeli government ends all coronavirus restrictions & more

The Israeli government ends all coronavirus restrictions in the country; Dutch immigrant to Israel shares what life is like living in the Holy Land and Turkish president calls for shared ownership of Jerusalem.

 Evidence of ancient Israel breaking dietary laws and more

Archeologists uncover evidence of ancient Israel breaking bible dietary laws; well known bible teacher warns Christians to prepare for challenging days ahead and over 400 immigrants are expected to arrive in Israel this week.