Israel`s involvement in Iran & Syria and more.

Mr Netanyahu acknowledges Israel`s involvement in Iran & Syria, Top Evangelist believes the level of prayer for the nation is building momentum and USA Secretary of State Mike Pompeo invites Netanyahu to conference focused on Iran.

 Mr. Netanyahu fights for his political life and more.

Mr. Netanyahu fights for his political life, David Silver urges Christians to walk closely with God in these days and There is a growing relationship between Evangelical Christians and Arab leaders in the Middle East.

 Israel`s early elections and more.

Stories this week include: Israel is heading for early elections in 2019, Looking back over some of the major stories in 2018 and latest statistics show the Christian population in Israel continues to grow.

 Middle East Report 19th December 2018

Stories this week include: Christmas takes on a new shine in the Holy Land, Coptic Christians in Egypt face challenging times and Gold treasure linked to crusader conquest discovered in Caesarea.

 Middle East Report 12th December 2018

Stories this week include: Israel has one of the heaviest rain storms on record, looking at the plight of Christians in Iran and Syria and UN vote gives green light to terrorist groups to continue to attack Israel and kill Jews.

 Middle East Report 5th December 2018

Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu could face charges of bribery, the Bible Society of Israel is producing a new bible making it easier for Israelis to understand the text and Archaeologists discover a ring belonging to Pontius Pilate.

 Middle East Report 28th November 2018

Stories this week include: A replica of an ancient ship sets sail from Israel, well known bible teacher on end time events believes we need to prepare for a major war in the Middle East and a gas pipeline is underway to connect Israel and Europe.

 Middle East Report 21st November 2018

stories this week include: Netanyahu survives latest coalition crisis. Ceasefire is holding out in Gaza and USA votes no on anti Israel UN resolution.

 Middle East Report 14th November 2018

Fighting between Israel & Hamas has intensified over the last week, Israel`s bible society reaches both Israelis & Orthodox Jews with the word of God and Poll reveals 40% of British Jews are considering leaving UK over antisemitism.

 Middle East Report 7th November 2018

Israel traffic accidents has been a focus in the news, Jan Cooper from Repairing the Breach shares about the treatment of the Jews during the Mandate years and Egyptian leader says most Egyptians support a permanent peace agreement with Israel