Status of Temple Mount in forefront of Israeli news and more

The status of the ancient Temple Mount is in the forefront of Israeli news; journalist speaks of his moving visit to Moldova and expect a domino effect in the region if Iran obtains nuclear weapons.

 Israel opens new hiking trail and more

Israel opens new hiking trail; Hopes for special service of repentance to build on Jewish Christian relations and Israel lifts restrictions on indoor mask wearing.

 Israel marks Holocaust Memorial Day and more

Israel marks Holocaust Memorial Day; A call for Christian repentance about historic antisemitism will take place in Oxford and number of Ukrainian refugees tops five million as conflict rages.

 Disturbances in Jerusalem disrupt holiday weekend & more

Major disturbances in Jerusalem disrupt holiday weekend; Well known bible teacher encourages Christians to understand the importance of Passover and Iranian forces replacing Russians in Syria.

 Israeli coalition has lost its majority in parliament & more

Israeli coalition government has lost its majority in parliament; Well known evangelist holds special Passover/Easter convocation and Israel prepares to step into the gap of Europe`s energy market.

 Israel hosts 1st summit with Arab foreign ministries & more

Israel hosts first ever summit with Arab foreign ministries; Congregations in Israel respond well to wave of immigrants from the Ukraine and Archaeologist claims to find oldest Hebrew text.

 The funeral of a prominent Rabbi is held in Israel and more

The funeral of a prominent Rabbi is held in Israel; Many people are turning to Christ in Ukraine and Ukrainian church responds with practical help and prayer.

 Israel to bring in hundred thousand Jewish immigrants & more

Israel makes plans to bring in a hundred thousand Jewish immigrants; Israel could supply gas to Europe which could boost its economy and Israel prepares to establish a field hospital for Ukraine.

 Israel gives protection to 25,000 Ukrainians and more

Israel gives protection to 25,000 Ukrainians; communications still open between UK and the Ukraine and Israel boosts humanitarian aid to the Ukraine.

 Germany`s new Chancellor makes quick visit to Israel & more

Germany`s new Chancellor makes a quick visit to Israel; Ebenezer Emergency Fund is working closely with Jewish Agency to get the Jewish people out of the Ukraine and Israel prepares to receive over 10,000 immigrants from the Ukraine.