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Modern Israel and Its Treatment of Minorities

Author: Shadi Khalloul

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The small community of Arameans in Israel express wonder at the persistence of the Jews as a nation through centuries of dispersal and persecution. 

Israel`s moral stance towards minorities forms an important part of the way to peace.  Examination of civil rights within Israel, particularly regarding the treatment of Christians and Israel`s enemies, highlights significant anomalies in general media reports.  As a minority group within the land, Arameans have a valuable opinion about the treatment of minority groups in Israel.

About the Author

Shadi Khalloul

Shadi Khalloul is an Aramean Christian Maronite Israeli. He is founder of the Israeli Christian Aramaic Association (ICAA), an NGO reviving the Aramean identity, heritage and language, and rebuilding the first Christian Aramaic community and town in Galilee - Kafr Bir`im in northern Israel.

In early 2007 Shadi started lobying for Christians in Israel to be allowed to register as Arameans on their identity cards; which led in September 2014 to approval from the Israeli government.
Then in the 2015 Israeli elections he was the first native local Christian Aramean to be a candidate for the Knesset.