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Softback, 213 pages.

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More Jewish Culture and Customs

Author: Steve Herzig

Product code: B500

A Sampler of Jewish Life

With exceptional skill, Steve Herzig will transport you into the realm of Jewish experience - a culture rich in tradition, symbolism and the celebration of life.

Learn about Jewish holidays, mikvehs, kibbutzim, Jewish music and humour and a wide variety of other fascinating subjects.  The episodes included in this book provide a clear and enjoyable encounter with the vibrant world of Judaism and life in the Jewish Community.  In the process, you`ll gain a better understanding and appreciation of the chosen people, the Bible, and see your faith as a Christian in a whole new light.

About the Author

Steve Herzig

Director of North American Ministries and a Bible teacher for The Friends of Israel. Husband to Alice. Father to four. Zayde to six