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 Extreme Bias in Amnesty Campaign

Amnesty International campaign features extreme bias and significant errors. ... Read more

 A Truth Again Concealed

Once again the BBC succeeds in masking the truth of the original incident. ... Read more

 Called to be Witnesses

There is much evidence that the battle for the truth is increasing in its ferocity ... Read more

 Western Media Whitewash

Western media stands accused of whitewashing large parts of speech by Mahmoud Abbas ... Read more

 Funding of Terrorism Challenged Again

Kay Wilson asks Stephen Twigg MP to launch inquiry into misuse of aid money ... Read more

 Row over Palestinian Aid

Donald Trump suggests the USA may stop aid payments to the Palestinian Authority ... Read more

 Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

A major news item this month has been Donald Trump’s announcement on 6th December ... Read more

 Tensions Reaching Dangerous Heights

Clashes indicate that tensions are rising to dangerous levels in and around Israel. ... Read more

 A Relationship in Trouble

The relationship between the USA and the Palestinian Authority is in serious difficulties ... Read more

 Iran Refuses to Accept Israeli Aid

Since the earthquake struck on Sunday there have been reports of aid being slow to reach victims ... Read more

 On the Cutting Edge

Israelis continue to demonstrate an amazing ability to innovate technological solutions ... Read more

 Absolutely No Apology for Balfour

Theresa May: “When people suggest we should apologise for this letter, I say absolutely not.” ... Read more

 UK Foreign Office – Twisting Balfour?

Senior representative of Foreign Office claims ‘second half’ of Balfour Declaration not fulfilled ... Read more

 Israel – A Light to the Nations

Benjamin Netanyahu, addressed the Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem on 15th October ... Read more

 UN Delegates Stunned into Silence

The Human Rights Council challenged by the forthright words of a guest speaker ... Read more