30th Anniversary Conference

Around 330 people gathered at the Kings Centre in Eastbourne over Friday 4th and Saturday 5th September to hear Kendall Soulen and Rick Ridings speak about the significance of Israel to the Church.

Kendall Soulen addresses the conference

Kendall spoke in depth about three different ways in which Israel is misrepresented as being insignificant, before going on to present aspects of the bigger picture portrayed in Scripture, and highlighting that God’s purpose is to have ‘a fullness of mutual blessing’.

Rick Ridings addresses the conference

Rick Ridings spoke about some of the extraordinary things that are happening in various places around the world, with some of the most unexpected people coming to faith in Jesus Christ and befriending Israel as a result.

Matt and Sam explain

Delegates from a wide range of age groups attended the conference. This photo shows Matthew Soakell and Sam Hailes explaining the benefits of covering the event on social media.