Rising frustrations among Israel`s leaders

In the midst of the escalating violence, as various attacks on Israelis continue and their holy sites are also now coming under attack, Israel’s leaders are becoming increasingly frustrated by the false accusations made against them.

According to The Telegraph, ‘Israel reacted with fury on Thursday to a claim by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas that it had killed a 13-year-old Arab stabbing suspect in a “cold-blooded execution”.’ The reason for their fury was that the teenager is alive and being treated in the Hadassah University Medical Centre in Jerusalem.

A second example is the accusation by Mr Abbas that Israeli occupation of Palestinian areas and Israeli "aggression" is to blame for the unrest. In contrast the Israelis see rumours spread by Arab leaders as central to the troubles.

On Thursday the Israeli government reacted angrily to apparent American agreement with Mr Abbas’ accusation, when a US government spokesman stated that the Israelis are using excessive force in response to the troubles.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu’s frustration became apparent in a press conference when he told the BBC’s reporter, Yolande Knell, to “get with the programme … these people don’t want negotiations and they’re inciting for violence.”