Israelis dissatisfied with foreign policy

An annual survey by the Mitvim Institute in Israel revealed that 60 percent of respondents believe Israel has a poor standing in the international community - up from 35 percent the previous year. In contrast just 7 percent said Israel's standing is good - down from 13% the previous year.

Policy negotiation

Photo from: Israel Today

The Israel Today website quotes Dr. Goren of the Mitvim Institute as saying: "The survey shows that the Israeli population has slowly but surely lost confidence in the nation’s foreign policy".

41 percent of the survey's respondents also believe that this problem affects Israel’s closest ally, the USA, with whom relations have deteriorated recently.

It seems that most Israelis feel that the nation’s foreign policy is failing to convey the true face of Israel.

36 percent of respondents said that better education regarding the conflict was necessary.