The challenges in mixed communities

The city of Lod lies 15 km southeast of Tel Aviv in the Central District of Israel. It has around 75,000 inhabitants, 70 percent of whom are Jews and 30 percent are Arabs. They form a mixed community that has suffered from violence and tension for a long time and is the subject of a new documentary film titled ‘Town on a Wire’, a short trailer for which has been made available on YouTube.

This film has been entered into CPH:DOX, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, which claims to be the third biggest documentary film festival in the world; typically featuring more than 200 films.


This interview about the making of the film provides interesting insights into the difficulties faced by this type of mixed community in Israel, and the problems associated with interventions by national politicians.

In addition to these videos there is an article on the Al Jazeera website based upon the documentary. Titled 'The undercurrents of violence in Israel and Palestine' it describes the way in which this new film reveals how the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians are played out on a daily basis.