The Daily Terror in Israel

Whilst the attention of many has been focused on Paris and Brussels, the daily terror attacks have continued in Israel. In one of the most recent, 21-year old Israeli Hadar Buchris was stabbed to death on Sunday 22nd November, becoming the 21st Israeli to die in this current wave of terror.

Hadar BuchrisHadar Buchris (photo from Facebook)

Then on Monday 23rd, 20-year old Israeli soldier Ziv Mizrahi was stabbed to death, and there were further attacks that wounded several others including a Palestinian man who was mistaken for an Israeli. Part of the tragedy of this attack is that it was carried out by two Palestinian girls, just 14 and 16 years old, who used scissors to assault their victims.

Sympathies for the Palestinian people seem to run so high that many leading politicians have been slow to condemn such actions. But today John Kerry condemned "these acts of terrorism".

Just hours later a Palestinian driver rammed his car into security personnel at a checkpoint, injuring four of them.

In stark contrast to condemnation, the Islamic Jihad movement says that this attack with a car was "a heroic response to John Kerry plans to abort the intifada".

Once again we are confronted with the horrifying belief amongst some that acts of terrorism are heroic.