And accused of mistreating settlers

Another example of the enormous challenges facing Israel’s leaders has emerged today with the evacuation of dozens of Israeli Jews from houses in the city of Hebron.

Photo from i24 News(Photo by i24 News)

Hebron has been described as a flashpoint in the recent wave of violence. On the 30th December 2015, resident Genadi Kaufman became the 25th Israeli victim of the violence when he succumbed to wounds sustained in an attack 3 weeks earlier.

And just a few days ago Dafna Meir, a mother in her late 30s, was stabbed to death by a Palestinian who broke into her home in the nearby town of Otniel.

On Thursday dozens of Israeli Jews entered two homes in a building in the centre of Hebron, sparking violent clashes over disputed ownership claims. But the Government`s action to evacuate them today has caused much dispute between Israelis.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya`alon claims that the purchase of the properties was illegal, but there are many who accuse him of acting too quickly under pressure from Palestinians.