Brentwood Holocaust Commemoration

A Holocaust Commemoration Exhibition was held at Brentwood Town Hall from 21st to 23rd January, featuring the stories of two "ordinary" people who saved Jewish people before and during the Second World War.

Groups from schools came to hear Holocaust survivors speak movingly about the Kindertransport which rescued children from Nazi-dominated Europe and brought them to the UK. Two of the survivors arrived this way, one of whom was on the last transport organised by Sir Nicholas Winton.

Part of the exhibition

Young people from School Years 5 & 6 to Years 10 & 11 spent time in the exhibition gleaning information about Sir Nicholas Winton and the Dutch Ten Boom family. They used structured worksheets and an interactive approach which included commenting on how they might have felt had they experienced this ordeal and lasting separation from their families.

On Saturday evening the exhibition was transferred to a local school hall where there was a Meeting of Commemoration that included a dramatic presentation by Susan Sandager, who beautifully and accurately portrayed Corrie Ten Boom in "Corrie Remembers". That was followed by a Candle Lighting Ceremony with the local Jewish community in memory of the 6 million who died in the Holocaust. Sir Eric Pickles, the local MP, and Councillor Mark Reed, the Mayor, were both present.

These events were organised by Moira Dare-Edwards, the Essex Area Representative for Christian Friends of Israel, along with her team, and supported by Tikvah Chadasha Synagogue.

There will be another presentation of "Corrie Remembers" at Christ Church, Horam, on Friday 29th January (details on the Events page).