Lobbying against support for terrorists

People from many parts of the UK gathered in Westminster on Wednesday to speak to Members of Parliament about their concerns over the support that the Palestinian Authority (PA) provides for terrorists who carry out attacks in Israel.

Photo with Big Ben in view

Following a briefing session in the morning, the group went to Portcullis House in the afternoon, where they were addressed by a series of MPs and Peers who shared their concerns. Many members of the group also went to speak directly to their own MPs.

The main points of concern were speeches by Palestinian leaders in support of terrorists (whom they describe as ‘martyrs’), the naming of public places and sports tournaments after these terrorists, and the payment of salaries to the terrorists or their families.

The latter point is a particular concern as the UK’s Department for International Development is due to give another £25.5 million in aid to the PA this year, prompting the question: ‘Is it appropriate to continue this support in these circumstances?’

That concern was also raised in Early Day Motion 1151, submitted in Parliament on Thursday, which highlights the fact that these payments by the PA were identified by the UK’s International Development Select Committee as long ago as 2014, and yet the UK Government continues its support for the PA.