An Appalling Attack

Overnight on Thursday 25th February an unarmed security guard, Tzvika Cohen, was critically wounded in an axe attack at a shopping centre in Ma'ale Adumim, Israel.

Family photoTzvika Cohen (photo courtesy of his family)

His attacker, Abu Hammad, worked in the same shopping centre and was known to Tzvika as a work colleague. So Tzvika did not suspect that he was about to be attacked. He opened the elevator doors for Abu Hammad, as requested, and then found himself under a vicious attack from behind.

The attack was captured on CCTV, and on Sunday 28th February Tzvika’s family were horrified to find that the footage was being circulated on social media and on the Internet. Tzvika’s brother, told Army Radio, “Children are passing the horrible, uncensored pictures from one to the other.

On Monday Tzvika was in a serious condition at the critical care unit of the Hadassah-University Medical Center on Mount Scopus.

His attack has sent shockwaves through the whole community. Not only is the shopping centre a place that many people visit regularly, but the fact that someone who seemed to be Tzvika’s friend could carry out such a vicious and merciless attack has appalled many.

This week Tzvika’s family have received a visit from a member of Christian Friends of Israel, Jerusalem. They seek to support people who suffer in this way through their ‘Communities Under Attack’ project.