UN Secretary General challenged

Micah Lakin, the son of an Israeli victim of a terrorist attack, has today issued a strong challenge to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon: “Condemn the murder of my father and Abbas` embrace of his murderer.”

76-year old Richard Lakin was shot in the head on 13th October 2015 when two Palestinian terrorists attacked a bus full of passengers in Jerusalem. He was then stabbed multiple times after he fell to the ground.

Photo of Richard Lakin
Richard Lakin (photo via Facebook)

Ban Ki-moon visited Richard in hospital before he died, and after his death sent an emotional condolence letter to Micah’s mother in which he promised to “speak out against terrorism and incitement.”

But Micah says that the UN Secretary General has never publically condemned the Palestinian terrorists who murdered Richard, nor the years of incitement of Palestinians to attack Israelis.

Instead, on 3rd February 2016, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas met the terrorist’s father and called his son a martyr.

So the question remains, will this terrorist attack, and the many others like it, be condemned by the UN?