An Amazing Recovery

Some very good news is that Tzvika Cohen is now recovering from his injuries in an amazing way. And he acknowledges it as a result of the prayers of his nation.

“All of Israel prayed for me. I’m emotional, I’m a hero, I’m overjoyed.” 

Tzvika is the security guard who was subjected to an appalling attack at a shopping centre in Ma`ale Adumim, Israel, back in February.

For a long time he remained unconscious in hospital, fighting for his life. And his family were horrified when CCTV footage of the attack was posted on the Internet.

But on 27th March the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital’s spokesperson reported a significant improvement in Tzvika’s condition. He had come off the critical list and started rehabilitation.

The impact of the attack upon his family was made worse by the fact that his brother Rami is also the victim of a terror attack. It was Rami who cried out from the crowd to Benjamin Netanyahu before his speech at a memorial service at Mount Herzl on 11th May.

But now, in view of Tzvika’s recovery, the family have been given renewed hope.

Helping victims of terror attacks is one of the activities undertaken by CFI Jerusalem. Through their project named ‘Under His Wings’ they seek to serve God by helping to bind up the victims’ wounds, acknowledging that they can often be more psychological than physical.