You cannot stand aside and do nothing

One of the great untold stories of the war in Syria is the help that is being extended to Syrian civilians by Israeli medics through a field hospital located near the border. 

Dr Tarif Bader, Deputy Surgeon General in the IDF Medical Corps says: 

“You cannot stand aside and do nothing when you see children, women and men, of course, with severe injuries – hated by their brothers or their neighbours. 

“And you cannot stand aside and do nothing. So actually, the majority of them are civilian injuries, and we decided to help them. 

“The Syrian people were very afraid of the fact that they are facing the border – the Israeli border - and even they are crossing this border, and they are being treated by their enemies. The Syrian people have been taught for tens of years that the worst enemy that they have is the Israeli one. That’s the fact, that’s the reason, that for many months, even after the treatment in Israel, they haven’t said the word ‘Israel’. 

“They all the time told us that they were going ‘to the West’ to be treated. So they were very afraid of the fact that they were being treated by the Israeli people … 

“We believe in saving lives. We believe in extending a helping hand for others. 

“I think one of the strengths of the state of Israel is that someone in my position can be an officer, a physician, who belongs to a minority in the state of Israel. And I think it is a wonderful thing.”