Experts in Emergency Aid

The IDF Medical Corps' field hospital has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the world's leader, achieving the highest possible ‘Type 3’ ranking.

The tents of the field hospital

The commander of the General Staff's Surgical Hospital Unit said, "It's a national honour for the State of Israel and for the Medical Corps."

Last month the physician responsible for developing the scoring system, Dr Ian Norton, said that no nation’s field hospital had previously reached a score of 3.

So according to its commander, Dr Ofer Merin, the international health organization classified the IDF field hospital as its first and only “Type 3” unit in a ceremony in Israel.

Previously a WHO delegation travelled to Israel to evaluate the IDF unit when its 26-tent structure was assembled as part of a large-scale military exercise. That exercise was part of a general drill held in northern Israel.

Israel is one of 17 countries accepted by WHO for sending qualified foreign medical teams to aid in medical disaster relief in other countries. Type 1 field hospitals provide emergency outpatient care; Type 2 hospitals also provide operating rooms, surgical teams, and ICUs; whilst a Type 3 hospital also provides inpatient referral surgical care.