Four Killed in Jerusalem Truck Attack

After a period of relative calm, the deadliest single attack in more than a year of violence took place in Jerusalem on Sunday, when 28-year-old Palestinian Fadi Qunbar drove his truck into a group of Israeli soldiers who were on an educational outing. By reversing his truck back over his victims he managed to kill four and wound another seventeen.

The scene after the attack

The scene of the truck-ramming attack (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Other soldiers shot the driver dead, and Israeli security forces responded by arresting 9 people in a raid on his neighbourhood, including five members of his family.

Israelis say the violence is driven by Palestinian incitement; and according to the report by the Times of Israel, this terrorist reacted in anger after listening to a sermon at his local mosque.

Palestinians in Judea and Samaria celebrated the attack by distributing sweets.

While Hamas, the Palestinian group that governs Gaza, praised the attack saying, "We bless this heroic operation resisting the Israeli occupation to force it to stop its crimes and violations against our people."


For our part, Christian Friends of Israel UK sends heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the four Israelis killed. Our thoughts and prayers are also with the seventeen who were wounded.