Israel under Attack on Three Sides

Over the last few days Israel has suffered attacks from three different groups of their neighbours.

Wednesday night saw a group affiliated to IS launch an attack of at least four rockets fired at the resort city of Eilat by the Red Sea. Three of the rockets were destroyed by the Iron Dome defensive system, the fourth fell in open ground.

Launch of a defensive rocketThe Iron Dome defensive system launches a rocket.

The group said that they launched the attack “in order to teach the Jews and the crusaders a proxy war will not avail them of anything.”

An 18-second video clip on the Times of Israel website gives some idea of the stress caused by these attacks.

But tensions had already been on the rise on Monday when Israel launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in retaliation to rockets launched by Hamas into southern Israel and gunfire aimed at Israeli troops near the border.

Wednesday also saw a mortar shell from Syria land in the Golan Heights, although the IDF thought it was probably another stray shot from the internal conflict in Syria.