Giving Credit Where It’s Due

The major news outlets seem to be reluctant to mention the source of a number of recent breakthroughs in medicine and technology. Here are some examples, courtesy of Michael Ordman and his Good News Israel blog.

One breakthrough has involved cures for leukaemia, melanoma and prostate cancer – cures that have been developed by Israeli scientists, one of whom was eventually interviewed by the BBC.

Then there is the research of Dr Sarit Larisch of Haifa University whose discovery of a protein that regulates normal cell death (but is significantly absent in tumours) is being developed into a treatment by the Israeli biotech ARTSaVIT.

Another Israeli biotech, Medial EarlySign, has developed an early-warning system to identify patients suffering from colon cancer, upper GI cancer, lung cancer and epilepsy.

In September 2016 an inspiring event involved paraplegic Claire Lomas completing the Great North Run using a ReWalk exoskeleton. Whilst it might have been very demanding for Claire, the exoskeleton does enable her to walk, and it is made by Israeli company ReWalk Robotics.

These are just a few examples of recent Israeli achievements.