Jerusalem Day 2017

On Jerusalem Day 2017, a video recently published by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explains the way that Jewish people feel about the City of Jerusalem.

“Even though the city has been besieged 23 times, and captured and reconquered 44 times. Jews never ceased to pray for Jerusalem, about Jerusalem, and facing Jerusalem.”

“Somehow it was where every Jewish prayer met and ascended to heaven.”

Regarding the Six Day War he said:

“For the 3 weeks beforehand we all felt that something terrible was going to happen, after all the troops were massed on the Egyptian and Syrian borders. And all of us, all my generation born after the Holocaust, feared that we were about to witness a second Holocaust.”

“As I stood there, soon after the Six Day War, I suddenly realised that faith brought back Jews to Jerusalem, and will one day rebuild its ruins. And it’s the most powerful testimony of faith I know.”


“So it is nonetheless a city of peace, one of the very few places in the Middle East, one of the few places in the world, holy to three distinct faiths, where those faiths pray together in freedom and in peace. And that’s come only under Israeli rule in the last 50 years.”