A Busy Month

The month of May was a busy one for CFI UK. On Wednesday 3rd we had the privilege of hosting a lecture by one of the heroes of Operation Entebbe, the 1976 rescue of more than a hundred Jews who were being held at the airport by terrorists. His detailed account of the whole affair captivated the audience for a full two hours.

Then the first two weekends of the month featured conference speaking engagements for staff from the Northern Office supported by one of our local volunteers.

The second of those was followed by the CFI/Land and Life tour of Israel, which was immediately followed by the annual conference at CFI Jerusalem – both attended by our Chief Exec.

The month was rounded-off on the final weekend with volunteers and staff running a resource stall at the Big Church Day Out South event at Wiston House, West Sussex.

Our stand on 2nd June 2017CFI UK stand at the Big Church Day Out North

And that reminds us that June is likely to be busy too, with staff currently running a resource stall at the Big Church Day Out North event near Chester.

We hope that these various activities will help many more Christians become friends of Israel.