Terror on European Streets Again

This week the thoughts and prayers of many have again gone out to people affected by terror attacks – this time in Barcelona and Cambrils, Spain.

Scene of Barcelona terror attack (BBC)The scene of the Barcelona terror attack (BBC screenshot).

Along with other world leaders, Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to respond. On behalf of the citizens of Israel he sent “condolences to the families of those who were killed and wishes for a quick recovery to the injured.”

He added that: “We again saw that terror strikes everywhere; the civilized world must fight it together in order to defeat it.”

Following those terrorist attacks, the Catalonia region’s chief rabbi has been encouraging his congregants to leave Spain. He says that his community is doomed, partly because of radical Islam and the Spanish authorities’ reluctance to confront it.

And recent reports confirm that it is not just the Spanish authorities who are reluctant to confront it. For example, a 2016 UK prisons report says that ‘Lack of confidence in challenging unacceptable extremist behaviour and views was highlighted as a key concern across the prison estate, resulting in reluctance to confront extremist views.’