UN Delegates Stunned into Silence

The United Nations (UN) was created with the highly-commendable objective of maintaining peace and security around the world. That objective requires all nations to have respect for the principles of equal rights and self-determination. But recent years have demonstrated that the UN has been targeted by a group of people who have no intention of granting every nation equal rights.

That is highlighted in the report that the UN Human Rights Council has adopted a total of 135 resolutions that are specific to one particular country. Yet despite its diminutive size in relation to many other countries of the world, Israel has been the subject of 68 of those resolutions – more than half of them!

Also, in its 2014/2015 sessions, the UN Human Rights Council is reported to have passed 20 resolutions critical of Israel, while just passing one resolution each critical of Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Evidence such as this reveals that there is an astonishing bias against Israel at the UN, a bias that can be seen in the opening section of this video clip of proceedings at the UN Human Rights Council on 25th September 2017. That bias is challenged directly by a guest speaker invited to address the Council on behalf of the UN Watch organisation.

It would be good if more people challenged the bias at the UN. Then there might be more hope of peace and security around the world.