Israel – A Light to the Nations

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, addressed the Christian Media Summit at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem on Sunday 15th October. One of his first comments was that,

“Israel has no better friends in the world than the Christian communities around the world.”

And he expressed the view that,

“Israel is the one country in a vast region where Christians not only survive, they thrive.”

(NOTE: First 28 seconds of video are in Hebrew)

In a short question and answer session he was asked:

“With all the problems facing Israel, why does Israel feel obligated to reach out with humanitarian aid to the nations?”

“Because we`re a light unto the nations. That`s the great fulfilment of that great prophecy, and in fact what Israel is doing. It`s doing it in places like Haiti or in the Philippines or in Mexico.”

Surprisingly, he also asked the media personnel in the audience to:

“Dedicate this week to highlighting the plight of the countless Christians suffering under Iran. Profile the brave Christian leaders jailed for practicing their faith. Sit with the families of the school teachers jailed for years merely for converting to Christianity. Call out the lie and the lies of President Rouhani, who promised in 2013 that all religions would, quote, feel justice in Iran, while so many Christians live there in constant terror.”

What a shame that Western politicians are not as concerned about those suffering Christians.