Funding of Terrorism Challenged Again

Kay Wilson survived an attack by two Palestinian terrorists in Israel in December 2010. Her friend, Kristine Luken, did not. As a result, Kay has repeatedly challenged the way that the UK and other countries give aid money to the Palestinians without appropriate controls on the use of that money.

Kay Wilson

Reports suggest that each of her two attackers have received £9,000 in support from Palestinian authorities, under their policy of paying salaries to the families of ‘prisoners and martyrs’ – i.e. terrorists. Those salaries are funded indirectly by foreign aid money, which is why the Taylor Force Act is making its way towards becoming law in the USA.

Now Kay has again challenged the UK Government, by writing to Stephen Twigg MP, chairman of the International Development Committee, asking him to launch an inquiry into the misuse of British aid money. In her letter she says that:

‘despite the fact that your committee possesses wide-ranging powers to examine DFID’s work,
you have chosen to ignore the Palestinian Authority’s funding and incitement of terrorism.’

This is not the first time Kay has found it necessary to protest about authorities ignoring the promotion of terrorism. In June last year she challenged Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, to stop the Al Quds Day march planned for the city – a march that regularly sees slogans promoting terrorism and the flags of terrorist organisations.

And in 2016 she challenged the United Nations Human Rights Council about their attitude towards this issue.

Kay’s is far from being a lone voice on this matter. Which raises two most important questions:

‘Just when will the UK Government actually do something about this?’ and

‘Why are they content to allow such misuse of our aid money?’