Western Media Whitewash

The Western media stands accused of whitewashing large parts of a speech by the President of the Palestinian Authority on Sunday. That was when Mahmoud Abbas addressed the central committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization for more than two hours.

Mahmoud Abbas addressing the PLO central committee

In that time he clearly said a lot. But most of it was not reported rigorously, and that is a major problem, because the speech revealed the true nature of the Palestinian leader’s thinking.

More detailed reporting would have revealed his claims that:

  • the Jews of Europe chose to remain and die at the hands of the Nazis;
  • Jews from Iraq and Yemen were brought to Israel against their will;
  • Israel deliberately stirred trouble in Arab countries in order to forcibly move Middle Eastern Jews into the sparsely populated nascent state.
  • Israel was formed as “a colonial project that has nothing to do with Judaism.”

To support the last of these claims, Abbas traced the plan to return Jews to Israel all the way back to Oliver Cromwell in 1653, before bringing the Dutch into the plot and then moving on to Napoleon as well.

He also invented a quote by Theodor Herzl, accusing him of saying: “We must wipe out the Palestinians from Palestine so that Palestine will be a land without a people for a people without a land.”

Abbas went on to negate all Jewish ties to the land of Israel and to the City of Jerusalem, defying the widely accepted history of both the people and the land.

More than that, the Palestinian leader also attacked the USA by issuing curses on Donald Trump: “May his house be destroyed,” and “Damn his money.”

Thus the Palestinian leader revealed his true thinking about Israel and the Americans who support Israel. It is not surprising that the Israelis think Abbas ‘has lost his senses.’ On Monday, President Reuven Rivlin summed-up the thoughts of many when he noted that Abbas had:

“Returned back to the ideas he expressed decades ago, when they were no less terrible. To say Israel is the result of a Western conspiracy to settle Jews in land belonging to Arab populations? To say that the Jewish people has no connection with the land of Israel? He forgot many things, and said exactly the things that led him to be accused years ago of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial."

Accurate reporting of Abbas’ speeches reveals that Israel simply does not have a partner for peace.