Another Terror Tunnel Destroyed

Yesterday the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) revealed that they had recently destroyed the longest and deepest terror tunnel from the Gaza Strip that they have yet discovered.

A simple map showing the two key towns

A military spokesman said it had been dug by Hamas and extended from the area of Jabaliya to the Israeli side of the border fence, in the direction of Nahal Oz.

The IDF said that they detected the tunnel at an early stage of its construction and monitored it until they destroyed it by pumping in materials that made it impossible to recover.

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s Defence Minister, criticised Hamas for spending millions of dollars on building this terror tunnel using money that would have “better served mitigating the plight of residents, but has now sunk into the sand.”

This is the eighth tunnel the IDF have discovered and neutralised in the past six months. Three of them were rendered useless in Gaza, and five in Israel.

It seems that new technology the Israelis have developed is giving them significant success in combatting the threat from these terror tunnels.

Even so, one IDF commanders has warned:

We mustn’t rest on our laurels since threats still persist.