Europe Halts Palestinian Education Funding

On Wednesday 18th April a European Union budgetary committee approved a change to funding the education of Palestinian children. This change comes in recognition of the fact that the curriculum compiled by the Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to teach children to carry out acts of violence against Israelis.

The new legislation states that an educational programme funded by the EU must reflect shared values such as peace, liberty, tolerance and non-discrimination. The present PA curriculum has been found to teach values that are in marked contrast to those of the EU.

PA Education Minister Sabri SaidamPA Education Minister Sabri Saidam (Photo: Baha Nassar / Wafa)

In June 2017 the PA’s Education Minister claimed that their new school curriculum focuses on skills, training and entrepreneurship, rather than traditional rote learning.

However, a study by Israeli research institute IMPACT-SE has proved convincing for EU officials. Far from being more peaceful, researchers found that last year’s reform of Palestinian education, which was done in cooperation with European diplomats, had produced a curriculum that was more extreme than ever.

Foreign aid payments to the PA continue to be controversial. Whilst a number of foreign governments recognise that many of the Palestinian people are suffering substantial hardship, PA incitement to violence against Israelis is a major stumbling block, along with the associated policy of payments to terrorists.

Just last month the US President signed the Taylor Force Act into law, ending American aid to the PA unless it stops paying salaries to terrorists and their families.

The PA must now be experiencing severe pressure on its finances. The world waits to see how it will react.