The Heart Cry of Thousands

In recent months a mass singing phenomenon called Koolulam has met with huge support in Israel. It is so popular that when they arrange an event and publicise it online, the tickets sell out within minutes.

Here is the Koolulam adaptation of an original song by Naomi Shemer. It was sung by 12,000 people last week as part of the 70th Anniversary of Independence celebrations.

This event was arranged in collaboration with the Office of the President, Reuven Rivlin, who was among the singers on the day.

The singing was led by Shlomi Shabat and they were accompanied by the Jerusalem Street Orchestra.

According to the subtitles, these are the words of the song:

Over the honey …
Over all that’s good …
Over all of these …

Over the honey, over the bee sting
Over the bitter and the sweet
Over our precious baby daughter
Grant a blessing, dear Lord, please
Over the blazing fire, over the crystal clear water
Over those returning homewards from travels afar

Over all these, over all these
Grant a blessing dear Lord please
Over the honey, over the bee sting
Over the bitter and the sweet

Please do not uproot what’s been planted
Do not forget our hopes and dreams
Lead me home, and I shall return
To this wonderful land

Shield, dear Lord, this house of mine
This garden and these walls
From sorrow, grief and sudden fear
And from wars
Protect the little I have
The light, my children
The fruit not yet ripened, picked before its time

[Children sing]
A tree rustles in the wind
A star falls from afar
And in the darkness, I wish upon that star

Please watch over them all for me – my cherished ones
Bless the quiet, the cries,
And bless this song