Jeremy Corbyn is Referred to Parliament Watchdog

According to a report in The Times, Jeremy Corbyn has been referred to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards for the third time in one week.

The latest referral is over his failure to declare a trip to Israel in November 2010 that was funded by the lobby groups Middle East Monitor (MEMO) and Friends of Al-aqsa. MEMO is a press monitoring organisation that has been characterised as pro-Hamas by the BBC.

Details of the trip were uncovered by Israel’s i24 News organisation, which revealed that Jeremy Corbyn met with two parties of officials from Hamas, but no Israeli officials. This adds yet more weight to concerns over Jeremy Corbyn’s links to terrorist organisations.

In their news report on this matter, i24 News ask whether Corbyn`s bid to be UK Prime Minister is a serious concern for Jews. In it they spoke to Marie Van Der Zyl, who is President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. She voiced their increasing concerns over the stream of revelations, saying:

“It`s like Jeremy Corbyn has declared war on the Jews at home.”

At the beginning of the week The Telegraph revealed that Mr Corbyn attended a conference in Doha in 2012 and hosted a panel discussion there that was attended by a number of senior Hamas officials, including a convicted terrorist.

After the conference, Mr Corbyn acknowledged in a newspaper column that he had listened to speeches given by men who had been released from prison by the Israelis, adding that:

“Their contribution was fascinating and electrifying.”

In his defence a spokesman said:

“Jeremy has a long and principled record of solidarity with the Palestinian people
and engaging with actors in the conflict to support peace and justice in the Middle East.
That is the right thing to do.”

Yet there is very little evidence of him holding meetings with Israeli officials. So one wonders exactly how he hopes to support the development of peace in the area by engaging with just one set of the actors in the conflict.


This article was updated on 25th August 2018.