Huge Explosions Rock Damascus

Huge explosions at the Mazzeh military air base rocked the Syrian capital Damascus in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A photo of one of the huge explosions.Huge explosion at the Mazzeh air base (screen capture from Twitter)

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights expressed the opinion that the Mazzeh air base may have been struck by an Israeli missile fired across the Golan Heights.

But the Syrian military denied this, claiming that the incident was the result of an electrical fault in an ammunition storage area.

It seems that the Syrian military are once again trying to hide the serious nature of an incident. One Damascus resident said it was like "the sun had risen for 5 seconds” in the middle of the night.

Many observers think that it was an Israeli strike that occurred just after midnight on Sunday. The Mazzeh air base near Damascus has been targeted in the past as the Israelis have pursued their policy of preventing Iran from building up any significant military capability in Syria.

Reports indicate that some powerful missiles had been flown into the Syrian air base – a threat that Israel would clearly have wanted to neutralise.