Jews and Arabs Working Together for Peace

When we hear so much about the tensions and conflict in and around Israel, it is important to remember that there are many people working together for peace in the land.

In their article titled ‘Where David and Dawud play together at recess’, Israel 21c recently highlighted two groups that are directly involved in these efforts.

One is Hagar, which started as a small group of activists and has now become a community of 150 families with over 800 Arab and Jewish members.

Another is ‘Hand in Hand’ which is working to build integration and equality in Israel through a growing network of Jewish-Arab public schools and shared communities.

Hand in Hand video

These two groups are far from being the only ones working for peace, but importantly, they are working with the younger generation and teaching them to know each other and live together, rather than fearing each other and fighting.

So the repeated reports on the troubles are only one part of the picture in Israel, and they may be a smaller part than most people realise.