Balloons In Use As Weapons Again

After a lull in arson attacks for several weeks, this week has seen another flurry of attacks on Israeli communities near the border with Gaza. The Israeli fire service said that four fires were started on Wednesday by suspected incendiary balloons near Kibbutz Be’eri, over the Yom Kippur holiday.

Then on Thursday, firefighters in southern Israel needed to extinguish at least nine blazes started by incendiary balloons flown over the border from the Gaza Strip. That flurry of attacks prompted the Israelis to fire at a group of Palestinians launching balloons at Israel from the northern Gaza Strip late on Thursday evening.

On Thursday, even the United Nations envoy for the Middle East peace process noted the militant use of explosive devices and Molotov cocktails against the Israelis - a rare occurrence.

Two months ago the BBC gained some extraordinary access to film the way balloons and kites are used as weapons against Israel. It is well worth watching.