Israelis Neutralise another Terror Tunnel

On Thursday 12th October the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) revealed that they had discovered and neutralised another terror tunnel built by Hamas. They had been monitoring construction of the tunnel for some time, allowing it to become one kilometre long and reach 200 metres inside of Israeli territory before neutralising it.

A view of the inside of the tunnelAn image of the inside of the tunnel (IDF)

An IDF spokesman said that:

“At no time did it pose a threat or danger to the residents of the communities surrounding Gaza …
The IDF operates ground-breaking, stationary and mobile technologies

that know how to operate in different types of land.”

In another report, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus noted that:

“This specific tunnel, in the way it was built, indicates that Hamas is trying to challenge our counter-tunnel efforts. They are changing the way they excavate in order to make it more difficult for us to detect them …
This tunnel had electricity, as well as communication hardware,
and seemed to be of high quality.”

A major source of frustration in all of this is that Hamas continues to invest in its network of tunnels at the expense of the welfare Gaza Strip residents – abusing Gaza’s civilian population. This is the fifteenth tunnel neutralised by the Israelis since October 2017.

The IDF estimates that this one tunnel consumed $3 million worth of cement and electrical equipment, as well as many hours of labour. Yet Hamas continue to protest about a blockade of the Gaza Strip.